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Page last edited on 15 March, 2003

For Americans, With Love

Recently, there have been a number of questions from our American Non-Muslim visitors asking us questions like 'what does Islam say about Terrorism?', 'what is Jihaad?', 'does Islam teaches hatred towards Christians?', 'why do Muslims hate America?', etc. This section has been compiled to provide content based information for intellectual enquiry.

TERRORISM, by definition, is an ANTONYM for ISLAM

A very natural question that comes to mind is "If Islam is indeed a religion of peace and tolerance, then why do some Muslims seem involved in violent and terrorist groups?" This is a very difficult situation to explain and understand especially if one is alien to the happenings in the Muslim world.  Indeed, Islam has unfortunately got associated with violence and acts of terrorism by Muslims. So, the task to explain this situation is very difficult and even more so for the one who attempts to understand it. This is compounded by the misunderstandings which Arabic buzzwords like 'Jihaad' create in the minds of non-Arabic speaking people. Our special section is in this direction to provide correct information and clear up misconceptions.

So What is the Concern of the Muslims?

READ a Muslim's reaction on the 11th Sept tragedy
Peace Train : Late Again - by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens)

Question: What is it that is BREEDING ANGER & HATRED?
Answer: LIES. And America's policymakers have mastered the art.

We have collected some very important analyses by American and Non Americans who dare to present the darker side of the American policymakers. You would have surely read much of information contradictory to what you will read below, but to understand the Muslim anger, you would have to patiently read all of this with personal introspection. However, these articles are not meant to portray a single sided unduly dark image, but rather another factual side of America's policies, which has bruised many hearts, and remains astutely hidden with much coverup attempts.

  • FOR Americans, ABOUT America, BY an American [added on 25/10/2001] If you have time to read only one article, read this one.

  • THE BIG LIE: The True Reason behind the attack of Sept 11 - by David Duke [source url], [cached] [added on 25/10/2001]

  • Killing Them Softly - BREAD & BULLETS [source url], [cached][added on 26/10/2001]

  • Will Anyone Dare to Ask Why - by David Duke [source url], [cached] [added on 25/10/2001]

  • America on the Brink - by David Duke [source url], [cached] [added on 25/10/2001]

  • Methods of Media Manipulation - by Michael Parenti [cached] [added on 25/10/2001]

Why kill Iraqi innocents for the crimes of Saddam Hussein?

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Last updated on 15 March, 2003

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Hate Hurts. Love Cures. Conjecture Fails. Truth Prevails.
Islam - Bearing witness to the Truth
Seek Understanding from Knowledge/ Information
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